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Friendship behind My Journey – Inspirational Message about Friendship


Hello to my readers, today I want to share a friendship message written by one of closest cousin towards his best friend ever. Hoping you will enjoy reading this, I’m sure it will make you inspire and touch your heart through valuing the real meaning of friendship.


Dear my friend,

I heart felt dedicate this message to you to show my appreciation and value to our friendship.

I was really thankful for having good friends ever in my tiring life,

even in pain and joy in laughter and sad but mostly in sacrifices.

They always keep behind my back when I fall and pushing me up to stand again,

A friend who never makes criticism, instead who made me feel appreciated…

A tool for striving my goals in life and keeps my journey’s alive,

Thank you for listening even in my false story and my shoulder to cry on.

You’re the best ever gift I received in my whole life…..

Hoping that our friendship never comes to an end even we’ve been apart.

Time will come that we just need to spread our wings in different priorities in life… But our solid friendship will remain standing… until the end.

Sorry for hurting you sometimes, for make you upset and get you into troubled….

Thanks for the love, for the care, for the advices you did to me and I would never forget it.

Wishing that every one of us would find a better LOVE… And better LIFE forever…….

I love you friends the spirit of our friendship always rising forever.

Thank you for reading.

If you are willing to share your love story/life story with us regarding your love one or friend, you may send to us and we will publish here in www.lovequotesinlife.com. I guarantee you that your story can be read around the world. What do you think about this post? share your thoughts with us at the comment box below.



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